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The ST-7 Camera that attaches to my telescope (scope and camera shown to the left) allows me to image a broad range of objects.  On the following pages you will see images of open and globular star clusters, nebulae of various types and galaxies.  There are also images of a comet and of a supernova in progress. These objects range in distance from only a few Astronomical Units (comet) to millions of Light Years (galaxies).  An Astronomical Unit (AU) is defined as the distance from the Sun to the Earth (about 93 million miles).  A Light Year is defined as the "distance light travels in one year" (about 6 trillion miles).
The ST-7 captures the images in the standard astronomical format of .fts files.  I have converted these images to .jpg files for this website.  If any of you are interested in acquiring the images in .fts format I can accomodate you.
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